There is not a person on this Earth who can escape going through hard time and the feeling that they bring. Being very honest the feelings of going through struggles are worst than the actual struggle that we are going through a times. I know this from personal experience that dealing with life’s tough times can cause you to see yourself as someone or something that you are not. I think it would be different if we were expecting tough situations or circumstances but most times when things go wrong it is not what we are expecting and its always at the most inopportune time. I believe that the best way to make it through challenges and unexpected challenges is to change our perspective.

Most of us spend time looking at our problems and allow ourselves to believe that our problems have more power than we do. Let’s be clear right now whatever problem you are facing no matter how big it does not have the to defeat you. There is nothing that can come into your life that can be so big or so bad that it can defeat you unless you let it. We go through the storms of life to teach us something and primarily I believe every storm should teach you just how powerful you are. Look at every storm or problem that you have faced in the past and realized that the storm has passed, and you have remained. It may have come into your life, but it couldn’t stay it had to pass.

What is certain is that we give our problems, our challenges, and our adversities to much credit. We believe that the difficult situations that have come into our life will somehow crush us and we allow that thought to attack our mind and how we see our self. If you start seeing yourself through your own eyes and stop seeing yourself through the eyes of your problems, you will understand that you can get through anything and get through it with your life and mind still intact.

                                                                                                                                    Justin Lane