Growing in life is a sign of maturity, it is a sign of leaving one stage of your life and entering a new phase of your life. Let’s face it nobody wants to stay in the same stage and phase of your life forever. As we grow there are several things and people that we outgrow. Moving on in life from one stage to another, from the familiar to the unfamiliar can be tough in it of itself but to move to a new environment without the people whom you love can be scary. Sometimes it is okay to take on new task, move to a new city, start a new career, if you are doing it with a friend. What do you do when you must leave everything and everyone that you knew and embrace a future full of unknown possibilities? The truth is that if we continue to grow in life, we will constantly go from the known to the unknown and just when we get comfortable it is time to move on. What we must understand is that not everyone that you love will grow at the same pace as you which means they will not always be in the same space as you. You have to become comfortable with going at life alone and not feeling guilty about it. A lot of time when we start to elevate our lives and we start moving in an upward direction we feel guilty if the people we love are not moving in the same direction, but we have to let go. In my opinion you are either going to lose your future at the expense of holding onto your past or you are going to be willing to let go of the past and grab a hold of your future, but you cannot do both. Letting go of the past and the people in it does not mean you do not love them, value you them, and appreciate them it just means you have gotten everything you needed and now it is time to move on. You can still love the experiences and the people, but you must take what you learned and let the rest go. There is nothing worse than someone who is 40 still acting and dressing like they are in their 20’s. They have become stuck in what was and constantly trying to recreate the experience of a time that has already past and they become a joke and do not realize it. Staying in the past long enough will make you foolish and cause you to waste time trying to relive what you think is your glory days not realizing the best of your life is the rest of your life.  The surety of life is that things will change, and nothing will last forever so you have to be willing to get into the flow of your life. There is a flow to your life that will take through many experiences and you will meet many different people, but it all happens to get you prepared for the next stage of your life and you should be able to let go of what was and look forward to what is.