Love is a powerful word it is something that we can not fully put into words because it is a way that you feel about yourself, about others, in fact it is the most important and powerful part of yourself that you can give to others. Love is easy to give to yourself and others when we are satisfied it is when we are not satisfied with the actions of others and even ourselves that make it hard to extend and receive love and that is the time that we need it most. Love is all things and everything that is good is love. Love is a restorer to those who have fallen, it is healing to a broken heart and a sick soul, love is whatever you need it to be to bring you out of a negative situation into a better one. Love is the greatest emotion and can change any situation from bad to better, but you must choose it over all of the other emotions that you feel. The real truth about love is that it is impossible to love others when you don’t love yourself but when you truly love yourself you will attract people and situations into your life that love you as well. Love always starts with yourself first then its extended to everyone else around you.