Sometimes life can really suck big time!  No matter what your background or where you come from, we have all experienced the feeling of not being happy. We have been unhappy with relationships, work, our personal growth or maybe even all three. But the truth is that you can have everything going wrong in your life and still be happy. That is because being happy is a decision it is a choice everyday that we get to make no matter what is going on around us we can all make the decision to be happy.

            I remember when I was younger, I use to say, “When I grow up, I am going to stay up all night and drive everywhere and never get tired.” I used to say that because when I grew up, we didn’t not have a car, so we always had to find rides everywhere and I had a bedtime. To me hearing my mother tell me to go to bed was the worst thing that she could say to me. No matter how much fun I was having or had that day when she said that to me it ruined everything and turned a good day bad instantly. What I should have done was appreciate that time I had to have fun and accepted that now it was time to go to bed. In that moment I choose to either appreciate what I had experience or to allow what was currently happening make me forgot everything that made me so happy and start focusing on what is making me so unhappy.

            I think we have cultivated a society where everyone personal happiness is depending on a lot of external things that we may or may not have control over. We can be happy but for us to be happy everything must go and be just as we want it to be. The truth is that life isn’t design that way. Life is a series or peaks and valleys, and we must decide to be just as happy in our valleys as we are in our peaks. Sometimes happiness comes when you just accept what is the reality of a circumstance or situation because we can’t change it. Anytime we don’t accept reality we will always suffer. The first step is happiness is realizing what is and isn’t in our control and if something is out of our control, we may not be able to change it, but we can change the way we look at it.

            Happiness is a perspective that we choose to have and choose to keep no matter what comes at us. We have a culture of people who believe that we aren’t supposed to experience any hardships in life and if we do than that means our life is bad instead of changing their perspective. There are things in life that you cant do anything about and when you come to that point you realize if I cant change how things are then I can change my perspective of how they are.

            Happiness is a choice that we all get to make everyday no matter what we may experience or go through we can all choose to be happy. Here is really the sweet thing about it once you start choosing to be happy you will have more situations that come into your life that you get to be happy about.

                                                                                                                                    Justin Lane