We have all been in situations where we feel like we have been taken for granted, mistreated or misused, or treated badly in some way. It might have been on the job by a colleague, a friend, relative or even yourself.  When those situations arise, we all feel justified by refusing to forgive and hold onto anger and hurt feelings. What we all must realize is that no matter what has happened to you are never justified for holding unforgiveness. The truth is unforgiveness is useless it does nothing to the person who has wronged you and is constant painful reminder of the wrong that has been done to you. When you forgive it is not saying that the person who hurt you was right it is releasing yourself from the experience, the pain that the experience brought you, and the freedom to move on with your life. We all have the choice every day to release ourselves from the painful things that were done to us by other and by ourselves or we can hold on to them. Don’t spend your life waiting on someone to apologize or say that they are wrong instead choose to walk in a space of forgiveness. What that means is that no matter what has happened to you or has been done to you it will not control you or define you. That is the real power of Forgiveness the ability to move through life free without any emotional burdens.