I actually got the idea to write this article from an Instagram post where the person ask the question are there advantages to being an attractive person. There was a wide range of response, but the consensus was being attractive gives you an advantage over lesser attractive people. Obviously, we know when it comes to being in a relationship that the more attractive you are the better chances you have of being snatched up by someone who is interested. What I was surprised to find out from an article I read on Yahoo is that being attractive gives you advantages when it comes to getting hired for a job, your perceived to be happier, healthier, and smarter. So, my question for the readers, what are the advantages of being beautiful or handsome for the fellas? In my opinion I think being beautiful has a lot of advantages. I think that it is easier to navigate through society a lot easier if your easier on the eyes. We live in a world and a time where the focus is very external and has caused people to spend their time trying to ascertain things and to look a certain way and in return people have spent extraordinarily little time on the internal, the things that really matter. We live in a world where our looks can get us into places and positions that our character cannot keep us. The truth is it is okay to look good and to have confidence in the way that you look but it should not come at the expense of neglecting your soul and building a strong solid foundation of morals and values.