I started JustinStevenLane.com in an effort to uplift, encourage, and to show all of you that you have the power to change your life! I want this website to be a resource for people who are seeking a better life, a life that is more meaningful, and people who want to live an intentional and purpose-filled life every day. There will be videos and articles that are all designed for you and what your needs are emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I also believe in the power of words and that you can shape what you believe and create your life through words. Words to me are one of the most powerful tools we have and using them properly can shape our world. That is why you will find on this website a section that will consist of positive affirmations. I believe we call into our lives the kind of life we want but not only through our words but also through our intentions. No matter how much you speak something, or believe something if your intentions are not pure in that which you want then you are really resisting what you’re actually trying to call into your life. Which is why you will also find a section called “What Are Your Why’s.” It will help explore the true intentions behind why you want the things that you want in your life.

The final piece and most important piece of this website are you! I believe we are all connected and connected to many different threads of our lives. We are connected through our success, connected through the things that make us laugh, and the things that bring us joy. But just as much as we are connected through the good times and good experience, we are also connected through the bad times and those times that are difficult moments in our lives. So I would like for you to share those pivotal moments in your life that has changed your life forever. Share the good times that have made you laugh so hard you closed your eyes and saw stars. Share the tough times that you had to fight your way through and came out a better person because of it.

I am excited about the journey that we all will take together and how we will learn and grow together. Most importantly I am excited about the people who lives will change for the better because of this website and the lives that those people will change also. This is going to be amazing, an adventure filled with every kind of emotion possible. But in the end you will be healed, you will be set free, and be equipped to live the best life possible. Join me on this journey to a better you and a better we!