Hello all. I am Justin Lane, the creator of JustinStevenLane.com! I am a regular guy with a big vision. Over the years, I worked primarily in sales but always felt like there was more than I could be producing with my life. In 2013, my job of eight years was eliminated and sent me into a total tailspin. My whole life changed! I had a difficulty finding a full-time job that could support my lifestyle. I also lost friends during that time, so I had feelings of loneliness and being alone. I also lost the willpower to motivate myself and began to feel the pressure of so many negative changes in my life. Until one day, I decided to stop focusing on all the things that were happening to me and started focusing on the lesson I needed to learn and how could I change it. And it was in that moment that JustinStevenLane.com was created.

I grew up feeling rejected and not feeling a lot of love. When I was 19 years old, my mother passed away, and I was never raised by my father. I was reckless in my 20s and made a lot of bad decisions. Now at 34, I realize I can take all that I have experienced and use it to help someone else. And that’s really my goal with this website, for it to be a tool to help others to think in a way that will cause their lives to get better. So I hope to not only teach what I know has worked for me but also want to learn what has worked for you.

I realize that hard times come for many reasons, and I know for me it was to learn and take what I learned and share it with you. I want to use my life as a vessel to help others succeed and live the best life they can. I want to create a community of people that will encourage, uplift, and motivate others to believe that their lives can improve no matter what the circumstances.