We are living in perilous times right now in this country where everything that makes this country and the people in it great are being challenge. We are challenged everyday to believe what we are told and to accept the status quo and to abandon our own ideas and thoughts to go along with what society says that we should. We are being confronted everyday in many blatant ways as well as subtle ways to not make waves and just go along so that we can all get along. In my opinion our voice is the most powerful tool that we have and by reading this essay you will see why I think we need to continue to use it and use it independently and without influence from outside sources who are trying to rob us of this right as a human being.

            On every media outlet you will see commentators, influencers, celebrities, and just your normal everyday average people debating and sharing their thoughts on any subject. We discuss everything from sex to politics to social issues that bring awareness and we discuss them from several points of view. We can get many different perspectives and broaden our way of thinking by engaging others who don’t look like us or think like us and we are able to learn from them. Hearing the opinions of others challenges our own opinions in a good way and makes us think on a deeper level and causes us to look deeper at our values and morals and why we believe the things that we believe. That type of dialogue is great but now it is being challenged with hatred, racism, intimidation, threats, and fear. If we disagree then we are automatically branded a racist or heretic. We are cultivating a society that will hate you because your belief system is different from theirs instead of embracing your differences and learning from them.

            Our voice is the most powerful tool that we must enact change and to fight things that divide us like skin color, sexual orientation, religious organization, and yes even political party. Our ideas and the ability to communicate those ideas is a privilege and human right that we should exercise daily with respect to those who may not accept them. In fact, using your voice is the courage to share your convictions and understand that other individuals may not accept them but because we disagree with the convictions of others it is not a reason to dismiss another human being but more reason to embrace them and see what we can learn from each other.

            Don’t get caught up in all the agitation and trepidation that is going on right now when we express our opposing views. Have the courage to use your voice and speak your mind and do it in a way that you can educate others, with respect to others, and with the willingness to learn from those who oppose your point of view as well. Your voice is the pathway to great change and we don’t always have to agree with what is being said but we should respect it.