I Can Forgive but Should I Really Forget?

I Can Forgive but Should I Really Forget?
August 7, 2017 Justin Steven Lane
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There is an adage that says, “forgive and forget” and many people will tell you to that you should forgive and forget. I personally think that is bad advice I say it is always right to forgive but it is to your detriment if you forget. It is okay to always forgive the person, situation, or circumstance but why do we have to forget the experience. Forgetting the experience means forgetting the lesson. We should always be willing to forgive but we should never want to forget because that is where the lesson is.

Each day that we open our eyes in the morning to a new day we are opening our eyes to something new. We will have experiences today that we did not have yesterday, we will experience different situations that we did not before, and we will have different encounters with people that are new as well. The realization of this reality is that not these experiences will be good. They will not all be experiences that left up to ourselves will be ones we choose to have ourselves but what they all will be is lessons. Now lessons come into our lives to teach us and provide an opportunity to for us to grow, expand, and create a new way of thinking.

I think that we need to learn to forgive people but we also need to forgive our thoughts, our beliefs, and our behaviors. Our thoughts are what shape our behavior and before we can do anything it first must be thought about in our mind. We hold onto these belief systems and these patterns of living like we can’t ever learn to think on a higher level and do things differently. We hear all the time, “I am not letting anyone change me” but in life we have the experiences to cause us to change and to grow. So, forgetting what has happened is doing so at the expense of stunting your growth. Always be willing to forgive the person but never forget the lesson!

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  1. Kase 4 years ago

    “One of the best ways to overcome fear is trusting in something greater and bigger than you. ”

    Love this part…good stuff

  2. Monique 2 years ago

    Love this Justin..Good stuff!!

    • admin 2 years ago

      Thanks Monique I appreciate you reading and subscribing. Thanks so much for your support!

  3. Tiffany cannon 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed this one!💙

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