Hayley Lewis and Her Painful Road to Forgiveness

Hayley Lewis and Her Painful Road to Forgiveness
August 7, 2017 Justin Steven Lane
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How Haley was able to forgive the driver of the car crash that killed her son.

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  1. Kase 4 years ago

    Love this!

  2. Kasey S 2 years ago

    I’m proud of your bravery and I appreciate your candor.

  3. Tiffany cannon 2 years ago

    It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable to open up and share some of your struggles. I’m thankful that you have this avenue to Express and Bee in example to others.

  4. Florence Adamson-Grayson 2 years ago

    We ALL have our struggles and addictions. Thank you Justin for your
    candid honesty! You are truly an inspiration to us all! I love you unconditionally and may God continue to lead you!

  5. Cindy Carraway 2 years ago

    So happy that you were able to work through the issues you were experiencing and reveal them on your terms.
    Much better than having a judgemental hypocrite take things out of context and do it for you infront of your friends, colleagues and superiors.
    Good for you Justin Lane!

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