Life can deliver a whole set of challenges that can leave of us all feeling beat up, broken down, and cause us to lose the desire to want to push forward and move forward.  Sometimes it appears once we get over one problem here comes another, and we just wonder if we will ever have a moment of peace. Actually, at least for me its not what the problem does to you it’s the energy and unrest it takes from you. It having to take your focus off your dreams, your goals, and off the things that you need to focus on to move forward. While your solving the issues of your life it becomes difficult to still pursue your passion. Then the inevitable happens we get tired, and not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually just tired.

            There are millions of people who have lost who they really are and have become a stranger to themselves. There are mothers who have become so focused on their children, their children schedules, trying to make sure everything is done both personally and professionally for other people that they have lost themselves. There are men who work very hard to give their family a life that they did not have or maintain the life they have built. We constantly go go go and then we hit a wall and we don’t have the desire to do anything. What at one point we could do with love and with ease becomes a chore and difficult. We have reached the end of our rope and lost all desire to do anything and we become stuck in routine and we are unhappy.

            The truth about desire is the lack of desire can rob you from your appointment with destiny and that’s why its so important to not lose it and if you lose it to get it back. The first step to protecting your desire is to have a place in you that is off limits to everyone but yourself and God. There must be a place in you that is only for you and you can’t allow anyone else to go there. A place where your dreams, your goals, your vision, your peace, your sanity, and everything that is important to you and your development is protected. You have to setup boundaries with other people so that they know not to go there, and you can’t take them there.

            Setting up boundaries in your life is your job, it is your responsibility!  We build relationships with other people, we build a relationship with our profession, and we build relationships with our responsibilities or what we think are our responsibilities and when they start to take over our lives and demand more time and energy than we want to give we get upset but the real fault is ours because we never setup boundaries and communicate those boundaries properly. It is important for us to set boundaries in our lives with everyone and everything and not to allow those boundaries to be crossed. Setting up boundaries in your life is simply respecting yourself and your resources and communicating those boundaries is showing respect to others so that they will know how they can engage in a healthy, productive relationship with you.

Justin Lane