One thing we can all be certain of in this life is that we will always deal with some form of opposition. Whether its opposition to our dreams, opposition to our goals, opposition to living the best life possible. We also receive opposition from all types of people from coworkers, family, and sometimes even people that we don’t know. But the true sign of maturity is how we deal with those things and those people who oppose us.

            Just like many of you who are reading this when I first started facing real opposition in my life I felt like I wanted to run and hide until it went away. The problem with that is opposition does not go away on its on you have to stand up to it and deal with it. Running from your problems or running from negative circumstances that come into our life does not make them go away but it does cause them to grow. Remember this anytime that you don’t deal with issues they will only grow and become worse. To get control over something or to conquer anything in your life you must deal with it at its infancy because when it becomes full grown it can produce all kinds of negative effects in your life. A lot of us wait until something is in our face and we can’t run any longer and we can no longer deny it then we decide to face it, but we face it with fear instead of strength.

            For example, many women put up with an abusive man for a long time before they will do anything about it and then when he finally hits her now she is forced to decide will she leave, or will she stay. That’s what opposition does to us it weighs down on us, beats up on us, and it controls us with fear. But what we don’t realize is that we are more powerful than anything that is opposing us.  There are also benefits to opposition.

            Opposition always comes to teach us, it rearranges our lives, it causes us to explore diverse ways of solving problems and it causes us to grow. How we handle opposition is the mark for our maturity it is one of the things that separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women. It also connects us to people who have gone through or going through what we are dealing with. It forces us to build knew relationships with other people including ourselves. We get to learn new and exciting things about ourselves. We get to know that we have more strength than we thought we did, we can endure more than we thought we could, and we go further than we ever thought we would in life.

            The key to dealing with opposition is to not run from it or to fear it but it’s to stand strong and confront it directly. You may not be able to handle the problem all at once, but you can deal with it in pieces. There is more than one way to solve your problems and deal with your issues, but the key is that you deal with them effectively, learn from them and grow.


Justin Lane